WOMB - 'Feeling Like Helium'

WOMB - 'Feeling Like Helium'

A great number of words spring to mind when listening to Womb. Ethereal. Enigmatic. Intimate. Spellbinding. Magic. They're more than that though - they are actually a really great band.

There's something singular about a group that can play to a room and convey what they're about within bars of their first track. It has nothing to do with virtuosity, skill or vocal prowess, it's just...a vibe. Between the players themselves and between the band and audience. It's like the ocean of calm that washes over you when you realise someone else has your back and everything is going to be fine. Suspended in time, during a busy multi-stage festival watching Womb, you forget where you are, or where you are heading to next.

Womb are another great example of fresh Wellington acts who know what they're about right from the start, and make no apologies about that (Girlboss, Mermaidens, Hans Pucket, Honey., et al).

Is this article bullshit? Maybe. But Womb are a great band - go see them!

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