About/Why only NZ music?

New Zealand has proven itself a hot-bed for songwriting prowess. Some of the best songs ever written have been penned here, and the per-capita levels of talent suggest that the internet needs more content devoted to this small nation of hit makers.

The intent of this blog is to especially highlight NZ's lesser known artists, those who perhaps cannot afford a publicist, yet deserve all the exposure they can get.

I intend to keep the blog free from label and industry influence, but you really never know your price until the right one is offered. I can only hope those readers who get in early can recognize the point at which I have sold the last of my integrity for one last cafe latte. But I digress.

This website is run & maintained by local busybody and serial never-get-a-real-jobber, Anthony Metcalf. A member part of Auckland's music scene for the last decade, Anthony books local and international shows, works with Lorraine Barry Management, freelances in music PR, maintains a small NZ booking roster, and give a LOT of information away free-of-charge.