The Nae Nae Express - 'Dream State'

The Nae Nae Express - 'Dream State'

The nascent momentum of any Nae Nae Express track hits like, well an oncoming train. Sorry.

Extended Player, the first proper release from the band follows lead single Sea Anenome, whose infectious jangle manages to place the words 'polyps' & 'cnidocyte' in the same breath. The EP goes on to tackle subjects as varied as classic New Zealand train journeys, mental health, space, cricket & bees.

Dream State in particular oozes 'instant kiwi classic'. I cannot express how great NZ could be if we associated bands like Nae Nae with 'BBQ rock', instead of The F-----s, The B----- S---- S--6- et al.

The EP is really quite good. The band manage to negotiate the delicate middle ground between serious songs and musical jokes. Which is what we're all trying to do really - isn't it?!

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