Tennis Champ - 'Losing You'

Tennis Champ is quite possibly the least-hyped producer in Auckland. Living in the cultural vacuum that is Waiheke island (cc: David Farrier), Tennis Champ has avoided all Auckland clublife influences, alowing him to be, frankly, very fucking good. A chillwave producer for people who still don't know who YUNG LEAN are, or even care where Slow Magic happens to be pretending he's an extra from 'Where The Wild Things Are'. Champ's production is slick - but not too slick, giving the tracks a very 'live' feel to them.

There's a stark simplicity to this track - so often instrumental producers liberation from traditional structure can in turn lose momentum and focus. I so often feel terms like 'beatmaker' and 'producer' highlight the form of music making over the function. However, Tennis Champ avoids both labels - he is a songwriter first and foremost.

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