Opposite Sex - "Supermarket"

Opposite Sex - "Supermarket"

Full disclosure, this is going to be a VERY biased review.

Every now and again you see and band and go wow....I didn't know music could be like this. I remember Louis CK describing the first time he watched Putney Swope (1969), and revelling in the films hilarious, irreverent refusal to adhere to basic Hollywood tropes, and go as far to parody them.

I get the feeling Opposite Sex, in the manner as Robert Downey Sr, like to explore the territory between parody and biting social commentary, the irreverent and the heartfelt. In the 10-15 words below, Opposite Sex's Lucy Hunter manages to deride the very idea of "Kiwiness" as sold to us by companies like Steinlager, NZRU and the media for the last 30 years.

Make me cute, make me sweet / make me fragile and petite / so I can be pushed around by some dickhead / who likes rugby, beer & meat

Opposite Sex are absolutely electric live. Guitarist Reg Norris flails with the nuanced aptitude that few guitarists manage to pull off convincingly, if at all. Buy it.

You can buy Opposite Sex's Hamlet from both Dull Tools NYC & New Zealand's Melted Icecream.

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