NZ PRESS (Print, online)

Here are some local press contacts to bombard with your DIY press releases. If you find yourself on this list, and wish to be removed, please get in touch.

Remember: when touring, iSites are rife in small town NZ, and will most likely hang your gig poster for free.

13th Floor / Radio13
marty [@]
reuben.raj [@]

Ambient Light Blog
doug [@]
sarah [@]

Bay of Plenty Times (TAU)
editor [@]

Canvas Magazine
canvas [@]

CityScape CHCH
info [@]

Craccum Auckland University
arts [@]

Dominion Post (WELL)
graham.reid [@]

Kicking Roses
hello [@]

Libel Music
info [@]

rbaillie [@]

Metro Magazine
metro [@]

RNZ Music 101
music101 [@]
press [@]

Otago Daily Times
adam.burns [@]

Post Mag NZ
Online / print gig guide
content [@]

The Press (CHCH)
mark.wilson [@]

Remix Magazine
tim [@]

Salient Wellington
editor [@]

Secondhand News
finn [@]

Sunday Magazine
editorial [@]

Sunday Star Times
mike.alexander [@]

Tearaway Magazine
editor [@]
chris [@]