Horn - 'Greedy Bitch'

Horn - 'Greedy Bitch'

Horn is a new project from Fran/Bar Group & darkroom alum Abi Macilquham. The song/video for Greedy Bitch is really great. Initially it has a sparse, laid back vibe that quickly ramps up to urgent & divisive - while throughout maintaining it's breezy feel (a pocket that Fran also inhabited so very well). This deftly honed arrangement is a testament to how engaging the track is from start to finish.

The song also boasts a vulnerable, heart-on-the-sleeve vocal delivery which contrasts nicely with the don't-give-a-fuck band groove. This contrast emparts a sense of someone confident in their musical chops becoming more comfortable with their own unique voice, perhaps both in front or and behind the mic.

There's dissonance, there's quirky structure, some great Street Chant-esque strums, there's existentialism and there's some really great fuzzed out solos. What's not to like?

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