Hans Pucket - Straight To My Heart

Hans Pucket - Straight To My Heart

Hate to start one of these bi-yearly posts with a negative but damn, this band gets a criminally low amount of press considering how fucking great they are.

Hans Pucket have been on the indie radar for what feels like quite a while in this post-Spotify, where's the drop? world. With a first release on bandcamp on 2014, these guys have been quietly eking out the best indie-pop record I've heard from an NZ band in.....a long time.

Anyone who's seen Hans Pucket live can attest to their humble, earnest stage presence - yet still delivering blistering and quirky live renditions of their songs - including a popular cover of Nature by Fourmyula.

Straight To my Heart seems like an excellent representation of the band's vibe - groovy verses, some killer-anthem chorus hooks, clever introspective lyricism and quite a lot of fun. Good band!

You can still catch their Dunedin & Christchurch dates here.

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