Fran/Bar Group - 'Same Name'

Fran/Bar Group - 'Same Name'

Hi, sorry to my seven(?) readers about the quiet blog of late...! First post of 2017 is about Christchurch' Fran/Bar Group. Comprising members of Wurld Series, Doprah, Ryan Fisherman & darkroom.

There is so much to love about this song.

Bucking the recent trend of pop-ready indie releases, Fran/Bar Group have released a song which successfully subverts a number of pop "commandments".

The chorus to "Same Name" doesn't hit until the 2:30min mark. This technique masks the tune in an acerbic sense of effortless cool, really letting the vocal soak in the song's groove. It is as if vocalist Ben is in absolute control of the song's structure - providing an almost "live", Jim Morrison-like feel. This effect is trebled by the solid repetition of both bass & guitar riffs, with the bass taking the melodic lead for the majority of the track.

I have a love/hate relationship with lyrics - obviously great when its good, but depending on the production treatment, can make or break a song. This track has the interesting quality of making me love everything the vocal is doing, while not registering the meaning behind it. I've listened like 20 times and still don't know what the song is about, getting equally lost in the groove each time.

It's kind of a stark reminder why I like indie rock in the first place - an ephemeral, unique sonic quality. The feeling that anything could happen in a song, and the somewhat hard-and-fast rules of songwriting still have wiggleroom. Good.

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