Fazerdaze - 'Reel'

Fazerdaze - 'Reel'

A bedroom project of Auckland's Amelia Murray, Fazerdaze has gotten a wealth of well deserved press of late. Her songs sparkle with an ineffable glean of simplicity, masking some heavyweight craftswomanship. Each songs manages to catch you unawares, at the very point at which this listener figures he "gets it". And, to me - 'Reel' is the absolute pinnacle of Murray's understated prowess. Beginning with a motorik-like drum sequence, and punctual guitar stabs, Reel's melody belies the listener into a lull of "been-there-done-that" complacency. Until! The third phrase of each verse - the melody soars, to a place of unexpected elation and catharsis. Murray's sense of timing is akin to that of a comedian - all good things come in threes.

You can purchase Fazerdaze's self titled EP from Flying Out or stream on Soundcloud.

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