Dance For Democracy ~~ A Gig For Chlöe

Dance For Democracy ~~ A Gig For Chlöe

Neck Of The Woods, K'RD

Doors @ 7:30pm
$10 - doorsales only

Auckland's last mayoral election saw a pithy 34% voter turnout. This event is not a fundraiser for Chlöe, merely an acknowledgement of the amazing feat she is undertaking, not just only in the money-driven mayoralty race, but to engage those Aucklander's who feel so seperate to political discourse it is no longer an active part of their lives.

Chlöe is an advocate for the arts, culture and nightlife that makes Auckland a great city to live in. So please, come on down and talk to Chlöe about your vision of a better Auckland, and participate in a democratic tradition that needs your input, no matter your experience, knowledge or background.

FT. performances from some of Auckland's brightest alternative acts including:

**|| Emily Edrosa ||**

|| Bailey Wiley ||

|| Peach Milk ||

|| Ha the Unclear ||

|| Trip Pony ||

|| The Naenae Express ||

w/ DJ cohort Super Rad Babes will be holding down the vibe.

Don't tend to get political here but *this is important*. Without forward thinking, respectful policies on culture, nightlife, the environment & housing, Auckland will go the way of Sydney, and more recently London, and choose profit over people more and more. So please, come down, have a beer, and participate.

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