Aporia - 'Enfant Kind'

Aporia - 'Enfant Kind'

I can't quite put my finger on what draws me to this band.

Actually, that's not true. I know exactly why. I have touched on 'soundcloud culture' and my issues with it in a previous post, the immediacy and loudness of a towering majority of new music, released to sate our ever-diminishing attention spans and huburis-like desire to be "on the buzz".

Aporia seems like a reaction to this. The mastering is quiet, not an 808 in earshot, and auteur Mitch O'Sullivan allows the quality of the songwriting to speak for itself. It's really great stuff. I really hate to belittle artists by drawing comparisons to other, more successful ones, but this EP has a really strong Cure vibe to me, perhaps via the ears of a tasteful hip-hop producer, like if Dre worked on Disintegration.

Aporia's Heaven Force Early Fall EP is available for "pay-as-you-want" here.

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